About Us

     This site was created as an interactive community forum for families and persons with disabilities in the Tampa Bay area on 07/19/2015 so that you may share information with others regarding services, or just exchange ideas and helpful information. The goal of this site is to promote a positive and progressive social forum for persons with disabilities whereby you may add to the content and share your experiences with others. We feel that social media has become too impersonal and rarely beneficial so we wish to ask you to help add content that may help others with disabilities and even offer reviews of services to help others with disabilities make informed decisions.

As more people contribute information and ideas this website will grow 🙂


Future Goals:

  • To enable features that will allow the user to customize their view and pages to fit their particular need

  • To allow those with disabilities that have programming knowledge to add, edit, and build upon this website as an administrator

  • To make this website the example of how technology can empower persons with disabilities through the strength of community